Sharp Shadows Over the Caucasian Mountains

Sharp Shadows

The Caucasian Mountains of the Moon
Sketch and Details by Krzysztof Jastrzębski “Jarzbi”

This is my first astronomy sketch made with pencils. It’s too hard as
for the first time.
Object Name:
* Object Type (Moon Craters)
* Location (Skawina City in Poland)
* Date (04 January 2009)
* Equipment: Synta 8” Dob, Eyepice LV 5.

Krzysztof Jastrzebski (Jarzbi)

4 thoughts on “Sharp Shadows Over the Caucasian Mountains”

  1. Krzystof,

    Very impressive capture of the lunar moonscape. All the more impressive because it is your first.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Superb first Lunar sketch Krzysztof. I won’t be alone in looking forward to see more of your work here.

    Regards, Dale

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