A Great Galaxy


The Great Galaxy of Andromeda
Sketch and Details by Robert Gudański, text by Rich Handy

This beautiful sketch of the Great Galaxy of Andromeda, M31 was created by Robert Gudański. Hints of the dust bands of this huge spiral can clearly be seen in Robert’s excellent rendition. M31 is close to two million light years away, yet despite this distance, it can be readily seen by the naked eye.

Sketch Details:

Galaxy M31
Synta 8″ dob
LVW 22
Stepnica, Poland
Robert Gudański

3 thoughts on “A Great Galaxy”

  1. Robert,

    Fine sketch with lots of stars. The stars are making this picture very interesting. What do You think guys?


  2. Robert,

    I must say it looks like you have a very good sky for observing and sketching. You have created a beautiful drawing of a wonderful target. Excellent!


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