The Sea of Crisis at Full Moon

Mare Crisium

Mare Crisium
Sketch and Details by Aleksander Cieśla, text by Rich Handy

This superbly drawn sketch of Mare Crisium by Aleksander Cieśla shows that the 638 Km
Nectarian aged Sea, even during Full Moon, still displays details such as its platform
massifs, isolated mesa like formations, and its circular scarps that identify it
as a Multi Ring Basin.

Sketch Details

The Fullmoon.

Object: Moon – Mare Crisium
Scope: Schmidt-Cassegrain 5” + Speers-Waler 7,4mm
Filter: Moon&SkyGlow
Place: Poland, Wroclaw – near city center
Weather: Good. Seeing 7/10. Light Pollution.
Date: 12 January 2009
Technique: White pastel crayons on black paper
Tooling: Contrast and gamma levels only

2 thoughts on “The Sea of Crisis at Full Moon”

  1. Aleksander,

    Impressive rendering of Mare Crisium. Your drawing shows a high level of skill and beautifully captures the telescope view.

    Frank 🙂

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