Moon at 2 Day Lunation

Moon - 22 March 2015
Moon – 22 March 2015

This sketch is one of the renderings I am doing for the Astro League’s Sketching Award Program. The moon was in Aries as it was setting over the Pacific. I was able to get some of Mare Crisium. This was done at the Haleakala Amateur Astronomers’ site at the summit of Haleakala this past Sunday, March 22. 2015. I viewed it with my C925/CGEM on a pier with a 2″ Swan 40mm EP at 58X.

3 thoughts on “Moon at 2 Day Lunation”

  1. Steve,

    Excellent sketch of the 2 day lunation moon. The transition from light to dark and the earthshine give the sketch a 3 dimensional appearance. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more of your Astronomical League Sketches for the award.


  2. Thanks, Cindy. I had fun making this sketch. No diagonal or moon filter on my EP. The moon was setting fast. I neglected to say above that I scanned the sketch and cropped the image, loaded it into GIMP and darkened the sky. I also shaded the dark part of the moon. I didn’t alter the original drawing any further.

  3. Steve,

    Fine sketch of the waxing crescent Moon.
    There is a small amount of nice earth shine in the sketch too.


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