Southern Sky

Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur
Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur

Hi ASOD, in my country there are not a good average of cloudless nights, and that to say of my city, however the weather of January and February has left draw these sectors of south sky with my binoculars 10×50.

Hola ASOD, en mi país no hay un buen promedio de noches despejadas y que decir de mi ciudad, sin embargo el clima de principio de año me ha dejado dibujar estos 4 sectores del cielo sur con mis binoculares 10×50.

1. Crux: 23 feb 2015, 06:7 UT.
2. Lambda centauri: 14 jan 2015, 07:58 UT.
3. Eta carinae: 12 jan 2015, 07:46 UT.
4. Pléyades del sur: 07 jan 2015, 07;32 UT.

Location: Medellín, Colombia.
Media: Graphite Pencil- 2H, HB, 2B, PS invert.
Optical instrument: Celestron Binoculars 10×50.

this are me first contribution, I hope you will enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Southern Sky”

  1. Wilson

    Beautiful sketches. It’s a wonderful treat to view these southern hemisphere objects through your sketches, especially as one who is never had the opportunity to view them in person. Great job, keep them coming.

    John E.

  2. Wilson,

    You have posted 4 binocular sketches of real highlights of the southern heavens.
    Fine sketches all.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Wilson,

    Great binocular sketches of some southern treasures and nice presentation. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


  4. Felicidades Wilson, me llena de alegría ver un compatriota más dedicado al astrodibujo. Tengo un blog en por si quieres nos charlamos por ahí. Un saludo de un rolo desde China!

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