NGC3293 - Gem Cluster

Southern Gems

NGC3293 - Gem Cluster
NGC3293 – Gem Cluster

Object Name: NGC3293 – Gem Cluster
Object Type: Open Cluster
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 02/24/15
Media: HB, 2H, 3H. pencil rubber, color pastels, Photoshop.
Telescope: SkyWatcher Maksutov 5″.
Eyepiece: Explore Scientific 14mm 82ยบ (107x).
Conditions: Poor seeing, heavy light pollution.
Observations: Young and compact open cluster in Carina. Lots of unresolved double stars.

2 thoughts on “Southern Gems”

  1. Aloha Sebastian,

    Beautiful cluster in Carina I have not observed in a while. Your sketch has me wanting to view it again. Lovely work!


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