Thor’s Helmet

NGC 2359

NGC 2359 “Thor’s Helmet”
Sketch and Details by Serge Vieillard, translation by Frank McCabe

Thor’s Helmet NGC 2359 in Canis Major

Using an ultra compact 250 mm.Newtonian telescope to observe Serge wrote (Roughly translated from French):

I was staying in the Sahara just south of the oasis town of Djanet, during the 2nd week of January, 2008. The only drawing made of a deep sky object during this tremendous journey was of NGC 2359, although other numerous, spectacular objects were visited. The vision of this beautiful nebula in the T250 with an OIII filter shows a nice structure centered on a rather complex bubble, with filaments and of well defined tormented outlines. This quick drawing suffers from some imperfections, notably the absence of nebulosity that was visible and the misplacement of one of the wings. This object was so beautiful that I promised myself to revisit it again.

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