Seven (or more) Sisters


The Pleiades, M45
Sketch and Details by Marek Plonka, text by Rich Handy

This beautiful sketch of the Pleiades star cluster M45 by Marek Plonka of Poland shows that the cluster contains many more members than the famous Seven Sisters said to be observable without optical aid. The dusty cacoons that once held nascent stars still linger, scattering the blue light from the hot and relatively young stars of the cluster.

Sketch information:
Object name: M45 (NGC 1432) open cluster+nebula
Scope: Skywather dobs 1200/200 + SWA 32mm + UHCS
Place: Poland, Silesia, Skrzyszów
Seeing: 8/10 Transparency: 5/5
Date and time: 15.12.2008r, 9:00PM (21:00)
Technique: Pencil
Author: Marek Płonka (Poland, Silesia)

3 thoughts on “Seven (or more) Sisters”

  1. Marek,

    This is an impressive telescopic view of the Pleiades as seen at the eyepiece.


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