C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) – 19 January 2015

C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) - 19 January 2015
C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) – 19 January 2015


This sketch show the inner coma seen in 166x magnification!
The false nucleus was diffus and had a flat intensityprofil (not stellar).
An outstream from nucleus to south was observed and a fainter to north.
Two faint streamers was seen to east (tail).
In 10 x 50 binos., I could see a round and diffuse comet with a very faint,
long tail. The dia. of coma was estimated to 18 arcmin.
The coma was grey, D.C. : 4, Mag.: 4.2.
This time the comet was high on the sky, and easy to observe!

Best wishes from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

3 thoughts on “C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) – 19 January 2015”

  1. Very good observation Per-Jonny.
    Christian Heidescoper and myself made two very similar sketches of the pseudo-nucleus of this superb comet!
    Thanks to share this here

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