Tycho’s Impact


Lunar Crater Tycho
Sketch and Details by Krztsztof Rajda, text by Rich Handy

Tycho crater is captured dramatically in this pencil to Gimp2 sketch by Krztsztof (Kris) Rajda of Poland. The dark impact melt ring that surround and is scattered about it’s floor, along with the splay of rays that emanate from this crater, are indicators of Tycho’s youthful (Copernican age). Tycho Brahe, the man, changed the course of science and mankind’s understanding of the Solar Sytem by his meticulous observations and the data shared he shared with Kepler.

Sketch information:
Obiect name:crater Tycho
Scope:ATM truss dobs 300/1500
Place: Poland,Brze┼║no
Technique:Pencil,graphics GIMP2
Amateur astronomer:Krztsztof(Kris)Rajda

One thought on “Tycho’s Impact”

  1. Kris,

    This is an impressive electronic sketch, especially on the terracing of the inner crater wall.


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