Wide Field Orion


M42, The Great Nebula of Orion
Sketch and Details by Daniel Stępniak

Daniel Stepniak’s beautiful wide field sketch of the Orion Nebula is a spectacular example of just what wonders await those with even modest apertures. He has submitted several others that will featured on ASOD.

All the sketches were made from suburbs of medium city- Sochaczew,
Poland. Unfortunately, there’s here big light pollution.
I’ve used small newtonian telescope- Synta 114/500 and NPL15mm (33x) and
made it with graphite pencil.
I like sketching during watching the sky. I think it’s the best way to
show what we are able to see using the telescope.

Daniel Stępniak

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  1. Daniel,

    Excellent small telescope sketch of the great Orion nebula. Some of my favorite moments under the stars have been with small telescopes.


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