A Handful of Peculiars

ARP 229

Arp 229
Sketch and Details by Jeff Young

Here’s another entry from Halton Arp’s catalog of Peculiar Galaxies: Arp 229. (I believe Arp’s designation applies only to the central galaxies in my sketch.)

I thought this made a particularly interesting view as the galaxies are quite varied even though there’s not really any structure visible in my instrument. From the top, we have NGC499 which presents an elongated, well-condensed core, followed by the bright over/under pair of NGC508 and 507, both of which present semi-stellar cores. The little guys around that pair, clockwise from the center of the sketch are IC1687 with no core visible, MCG+05-04-048 with a dim semi-stellar core visible, and NGC504 with a bright stellar core. Lastly is IC1685 in the lower left, which is quite bright but shows no core at all.

Sketched 11/30/2008 from County Louth, Ireland,
as viewed through a 16” Mak-Cass @ 150X; Pickering 5, NELM 5.5, SQM 20.4.
Daler-Rowney HB Graphic pencil on white cartridge paper. Scanned and inverted in Photoshop.


— Jeff.

5 thoughts on “A Handful of Peculiars”

  1. Jeff,

    Excellent multigalaxy capture. This drawing creates a beautiful eyepiece view.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Jeff another great post, I’m a fan of your work they make me want to get out into my observatory right now!

    Warm regards, Dale

  3. Sorry Jeff can you confirm the focal length of your scope is 1610mm are you using a focal reducer to give that?


  4. Dale —

    The scope has Intes Micro optics and so uses the Intes Micro nomenclature: aperture (in inches) followed by focal ratio. So it’s a 16″ f/10, with a focal length of 4000mm.

    Intes do make a reducer for it, but I think it’s primarily meant for photography.

    — Jeff.

  5. And thanks everyone for their comments! Sorry for the late reply but I only visit this site once a week or so….

    — Jeff.

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