The Witch Head Nebula

IC 2118 aka NGC 1909, "The Witch Head Nebula", a large reflection nebula in the constellation Eridanus
IC 2118 aka NGC 1909, “The Witch Head Nebula”, a large reflection nebula in the constellation Eridanus

Winter arrives, and with it, all the Orion wide field.
Therefore, it’s time for me to propose a drawing of an elusive object of that region: Witch’s Head Nebula, IC 2118.

This observation spent on 3 nights, for an amount of a bit more of 6 hours !
Here are my observing notes:

IC 2118, aka NGC 1909
dates of observation: 8, 9, & 13 02 2013
site: Observatoire des Baronnies Provençales, southern french Alps (

observing conditions: naked eye visual magnitude 6.6 on UMi, SQML 21.50 to 21.57 at zenith
Instrument: Dobson Obsession 25” (635mm)
power: 100x, with Nagler 31mm and CLS filter.
Drawing with Paintshop Pro 7.

You can have a detailed report at:

Clear skies for all of you !

from Marseille, France

5 thoughts on “The Witch Head Nebula”

  1. Wonderful Bertrand, even with the perfect conditions and excellent equipment, I wouldn’t be able to do such a good job!…
    I like especially the details like the three galaxies and the cross on stars. It’s much better than a photograph.
    This sketch is a must! The 6 hours spent on this stuff were a good investment…
    Jean-Marc (astroclub APAM – Tarn – France)

  2. Bertrand,

    I very much enjoyed your sketch. This object continues to elude me, you have done an excellent job showing how dim and diffuse it appears.


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