Promise of a New Solar Cycle

Solar Cycle 24

The sunspots of Active Region 1007
Sketch and Details by Michael Rosolina

The Sun has been very quiet for months now as we are in solar minimum but there are signs that new Solar Cycle 24 is beginning. Active regions of a new solar cycle typically appear at high solar latitudes and have a polarity reversed from active regions of the old cycle.

The sunspots of Active Region 1007, rendered in this white light sketch, has these characteristics. It appeared at a high latitude and magnetograms revealed its reversed polarity. In addition, AR1007 was the fourth active region in a 30 day period to meet these requirements. Solar observers around the world are happily anticipating more activity in the coming weeks and months.

I used 15×70 binoculars equipped with Baader AstroSolar film filters to observe the Sun for this sketch. (Remember–NEVER look at the Sun directly–always use filters or telescopes specifically designed for solar observing) HB and 2B pencils were used for the sunspots and a blending stump was used to darken the solar limb. The template is a 100mm circle.

Object Name: The Sun/AR1007
Object Type: Active region sunspots
Location: Friars Hill, WV USA
Date: 2 Novenmber 2008

2 thoughts on “Promise of a New Solar Cycle”

  1. Michael,

    The sun with some visible activity. Such a nice way to open the month of December. Nice sketch Michael.


  2. Thank you, Frank. With the 400 year anniversary of Galileo’s telescopic observations coming up in 2009 (marked by the International Year of Astronomy), renewed solar activity is right on time!

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