Tilt of the Brim


Sketch and Details by Paul Abel

Hi there,

My name is Paul Abel and I’m a visual amateur astronomer here in Leicester UK. I produce all my observations by sketching and a recent Jupiter sketch of mine will be appearing in the Stargazerslounge.com calendar for 2009. I was wondering if you’d like some of my sketches for your website? It’s really good to see a website in astronomy devoted to sketching; we have plenty devoted to CCD!

I have enclosed a Saturn sketch as an example. Sadly, it is not one of my best, but it is the only one I can lay my hands on at the moment!!!



Webmaster’s note: Thanks Paul, this sketch is lovely, and by all means, we would very much enjoy featuring your sketches!
-Rich Handy

2 thoughts on “Tilt of the Brim”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Welcome to ASOD, I think that is an excellent sketch, if that is a poor one then bring on your best! ;o)

    Warm regards Dale

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