Galaxy Cluster Choreography

Stephan’s Quintet

Stephan’s Quintet
Sketch and Details by Dale Holt

Stephan’s Quintet

Perhaps as a follow on to Jeff Young’s superb NGC 7331 “Deer Lick with fleas” My own rendition of Stephan’s Quintet might fit well?

On the 2nd of October this year I used my observatory 14″ F5 Newt with Watec 120n video camera sketching from a 9″ B&W monitor, using a graphite pencil plus blending stump on standard cartridge paper to capture the enigmatic Stephan’s Quintet.
The image was scanned and turned to a negative to give a more realistic and pleasing view. I caught up with this exquisite galaxy cluster following some wonderful shared visual studies with my 20″ at the Kelling Heath Autumn Equinox star party in Norfolk, England the previous week.

2 thoughts on “Galaxy Cluster Choreography”

  1. Dale,

    Bravo! This is a wonderful sketch and it does go very nicely with Jeff’s sketch from a few days back.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Nice one, Dale!

    I sketched the Quintet on the same night as Deer Lick — but you got much deeper with your Watec. (In fact, comparing your sketch with mine I see that I drew the core of NGC7320C, but mis-identified it as a star.)

    — Jeff

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