Deer Lick with Fleas

Deer Lick Group

NGC7331 and 3 Fleas (7335, 7337, 7340)
Sketch and Details by Jeff Young

NGC7331 and 3 Fleas (7335, 7337, 7340)

galaxy group in Pegasus

sketched from County Louth, Ireland

as viewed through 16” Mak-Cass @ 150X

These guys are a particular favourite of mine — even when transparency isn’t great there’s NGC7331 to look at, and when the skies are better one can hunt for the Fleas. They’re also a good measure of nearby Stephan’s Quintet — if you can’t see any of the fleas you’re unlikely to be able to pull in the Quintet.

This sketch captures 3 of the 4 fleas; the one I missed (NGC7336) is between the upper flea and the row of 3 stars above it. The largest Flea near the centre was the easiest of the three — the other two required a look at 335X to distinguish from very dim stars.

Derwent HB Sketching pencil on 150gsm cartridge paper. (I’ve since moved to a slightly softer pencil as I found Derwent’s HB too hard.)

4 thoughts on “Deer Lick with Fleas”

  1. Jeff,

    A most impressive sketch of a galaxy group that rivals the interest of Stephan’s quintet.


  2. Jeff that is a wonderful rendition of a delightful grouping that I have enjoyed myself a number of times during the late summer and early autumn this year.


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