Rupes Recta on the Moon

Rupes Recta, "The Straight Wall", a linear fault - March 15, 2008
Rupes Recta, “The Straight Wall”, a linear fault – March 15, 2008

Object Name: Rupes Recta on the Moon
Object Type: Moon crater
Location: Chiba Japan
Date: 2008/3/15
Media Black graphite pencil on a white paper. Contrast adjusted with PC.

Equipments:: Telescope: Televue 85, Eyepiece: Pentax XW-10 with Power mate 2.5x

After outlining major features using solid lines, dotted lines and numbers(1-9) are used to express gradation in brightness(right). The numbers are replaced with โ€œrealโ€ darkness after the lines are copied on another paper (left).



6 thoughts on “Rupes Recta on the Moon”

  1. Takeshi,

    I will have to try this technique soon of creating a map of sorts with values. Very nice work.


  2. Cindy,

    Thank you for comment.
    The technique I used here is not my original.
    I found this in a book, “A portfolio of lunar drawings” by Harold Hill.
    I wish I could be drawing craters as good as those in the book.


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