Spots AR2171 and AR2172 Solar

Active regions AR 2171 and AR 2172 - September 27, 2014
Active regions AR 2171 and AR 2172 – September 27, 2014


As soon as I put the eye in the ocular of the glasses, my heart skipped a beat(I saw red)! That the Solar surface is magnificently stained!

I decide to crunch(outline) one of the spots (who(which) I ignore N at the time of the drawing), the 2172, telling me that the task is already very sufficient(self-important) seen the scale of details.

Once ended, of small spots in small spots, I decide shyly to widen the frame(executive) in 2171.

The twilights of the main spots appear finely chiselled on their outlines when the turbulence calms down in a regular way.

Finally, at the end of 2 big hours of observation stuck on the ocular, and the aching loins, all the spots situated downward the Solar surface is there! I thought not at all of arriving there at this stage(stadium) from the first moments.

Lunette 102 / 1000 – ocular E.S. 6,7 mm – prism Herschel + filter Continuum

Whrite 12 at 14 h UT – 27/09/2014

– France, department Yvelines
– Drawing makes for the criterium HB
– 2 working hours behind the ocular to realize the drawing.


Wilfried Colomina

3 thoughts on “Spots AR2171 and AR2172 Solar”

  1. I think it’s one of the best sketch of sun’s spots that I ever seen!
    This is really a superb result.

    Michel from 83630 Artignosc in Provence

  2. I observed the same day with the same equipment, it was exactly what I saw.
    I got the same feeling by discovering such a wonderful scenery, excellent sketch indeed.
    Jean-Marc(astroclub APAM – Fr)

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