Caroline’s Rose

NGC 7789, "Caroline's Rose" aka "The White Rose Cluster" is a open cluster in the constellation Cassiopeia
NGC 7789, “Caroline’s Rose” aka “The White Rose Cluster” is a open cluster in the constellation Cassiopeia


Please accept my sketch of NGC7789, Caroline’s Rose. It is a wonderful open cluster in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is one of my first objects sketched for the Astronomical League’s new sketching observing program. The program requires you to make 75 sketches from a list of about 114 objects. The sketch was made from a fellow club member’s observing field near Green Bay, WI using my 10” Discovery Dobsonian telescope at 80x. For those of you belonging to the AL, I would highly recommend you taking a look at this program. For this sketch I used white paper with HB and 2B graphite pencils and blending stumps to smooth. Image colors were inverted using Paint.NET. I hope you enjoy it.

Object Name – NGC7789
Object Type – Open Cluster
Location – Near Green Bay, WI US
Date – 9/23/2014
Media – graphite pencil, blending stumps and white paper. Image colors inverted using

2 thoughts on “Caroline’s Rose”

  1. Aloha Brian,

    This is a wonderful sketch of one of my favorite objects. Your sketch is just how I see it when I observe. I am so excited you have started the AstroLeague program and hope you will continue to enjoy it.

    Cindy (Thia)

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