NGC 40

NGC 40, "The Bow Tie Nebula", a planetary nebula in the constellation Cepheus
NGC 40, “The Bow Tie Nebula”, a planetary nebula in the constellation Cepheus

Object Name : NGC 40
Objet Type : Planetary nebula
Location : Melgar de Fernamental ( Spain )
Date : 2014, Septembre 3d
Lunar day 9
Drawing instruments : Graphite pencil , GIMP program to invert the colours
Equipment used : 8″ Newt , Baader ortho classic 6mm , Astronomik UHC filter

The object is easy to find but rather dificult to see , the central star hides the nebula

Clear skies


2 thoughts on “NGC 40”

  1. Gerardo,

    This is a fine sketch of a planetary nebula target that is a delight to study visually.

    Frank 🙂

  2. NGC 6888 The Crescent Nebula, the NGC 40 here, NGC 6995 the Veil Nebula, and NGC 6940 in Vulpecula. What a nice sketch serie ! It’s so interesting to see what can be seen through the EP facing the classical colourful photo views.

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