Comet Jacques & Struve 3053

Comet  C/2014 E2 (Jacques) in conjunction with Struve 3053  - August 24, 2014
Comet C/2014 E2 (Jacques) in conjunction with Struve 3053 – August 24, 2014

I found this comet in Cassiopeia the other night (August 24) near the colourful double star Struve 3053 and thought it made a nice composition. As I observed over the course of an hour I was surprised to see how quickly the comet moved against the background stars from the position I first sketched it at 11:15 local time to the position indicated by the X at about 12:10. The observations were made with a 120mm F/8.3 refractor at 42x in a 68 degree eyepiece from my Orleans, Ontario backyard.

2 thoughts on “Comet Jacques & Struve 3053”

  1. Yeah another “Jacques” sketch !…
    ISON and Lovejoy did not make such a buzz…
    Tomorrow we might have ASOD “Jacques rendez-vous” with Herschel Garnet’s star… 🙂

    Nice composition Gordon, I will have a look at this very nice Stuve 3053.
    I discovered also one double red&blue in Cephei (I thought that Albireo was alone…)
    I confirm that the velocity of this comet is incredible.
    It is going to decrease from now.
    Jean-Marc (APAM astroclub – Fr)

  2. Gordon,

    Very nice capture of comet Jacques and the colorful double.
    I have really enjoyed all the fine sketches of this comet over the past 2 months.
    What has helped with this comet is its visibility late at night.

    Frank 🙂

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