A Delta Winged Aircraft

NGC 1999 - A reflection nebula in Orion
NGC 1999 – A reflection nebula in Orion

I would like to show, through this drawing, how the seeing is important to observe and describe very little objects.

Object: NGC 1999
Object type: reflection nebula and globule
Constellation: Ori
Date of observation: 2011 10 01
Length of observation: 60 min
Height of object above horizon: 28.5°
Observing site: Observatoire des Baronnies Provençales (Southern French Alps)
Observing conditions; exceptionally good, mag limit 6.7v, SQM 21.50, FWMH 0.9” !!!
Instrument: Dobson Obsession 25”
Eypiece: Ethos 6mm, without filter, power 520x

Notes: I am astonished: at the eyepiece, I have in front of me a delta winged aircraft, perfectly clean. Extremities of wings are curved, the “head” of the craft easely detailleable. The encreasing of bright nebulosities around the head and at the back of the wings have also been noticed.
The caracteristic blue color of reflection nebulae is obvious.

Much more details can be found at www.deepsky-drawings.com



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  1. Superb Bertrand. NGFC1999 is one of my favorite object which I call the “human bust”. Your drawing represent very well what I see at the eyepiece of the T560.

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