North America Nebula

NGC 7000

NGC 7000 – The North America Nebula
Sketch and Details by Juha Ojanperä

Object name: NGC 7000, North America nebula
Object type: Bright nebula
Location: Parainen, Finland
Date: 9/10.10.2008
Instrument: Lens 80mm/400mm (3” lens)
Medium used: Graphite pencils and cottonwool sticks
Observing conditions: Dark, clear sky
Notes: Very large bright nebula. The distinct shape of the nebula is pretty easy to see, after some gazing and with aid of O III filter. In the North America, Mexico and the area around Gulf of Mexico are brightest, though the eastern coast is also considerably bright. The nebula gets fainter to the north and west. The Pelican nebula appeared as faint, nebulous patch a little bit to east from the eastern coast.

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