The Veil with a pair of big binos

The Veil Nebula, NGC 6992 and NGC 6995
The Veil Nebula, NGC 6992 and NGC 6995

A pair of big binos are certainly complementary to a telescope and you’d be amazed at what they can reveal under a decent sky. Here’s how I saw the eastern Veil through my Nexus 100 binos under my Italian mountain sky, using a couple of 21mm Siebert Ultrawide eyepieces and a pair of UHC filters. According to my experience even a C8 would have a difficult time matching this, although obviously at only 24x the magnification was a lot lower. The field of view was cut slightly more than you’d expect with 80° eyepieces because it took me already about an hour and a half putting all this on paper (pencil on white paper) and given the very short eye relief of these eyepieces it was too tiring trying to scan the outer edges of the FOV every time. Well, I hope you like it…

3 thoughts on “The Veil with a pair of big binos”

  1. Peter,

    Beautifully captured, and the low power wide view with binoculars looks great here. Nicely done and great effort.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Wow!! i used my big bino 25×100 on Milky Way and it is simply spectacular!! wonderfull vision of bright and dark nebulae and the deep sky objects…Great work Peter.Wat is the altitude of your mountains??

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