Globular Cluster NGC 5466

Globular Cluster NGC 5466

Globular Cluster NGC 5466
Globular Cluster NGC 5466

Hi ASOD community, ships this globular cluster of this last observation. This provides for cluster not be brilliant, but it is very nice in a dark sky, you can solve some timid stars inside. The nucleus is large, has a lot of intensity in comparison with the rest of cluster light but does see clearly, averted vision helps to solve all these details mentioned. Even for a small scope makes a treat for your senses.

Best Regards.

Object Name : NGC 5466
Object Type : Globular cluster
Location: Arroba de los montes Ciudad Real Spain
Date : 30 May 2014
Media : Graphite pencil, digital tools, Gimp.
Equipment : Refractor 4 inch Televue Genesis SDF 101 F / 5.4
Eyepiece : Televue Ethos 13
Mount : Discmount DM 4
Sky conditions : Clear, transparency 3/5, seeing 4/5 SQM 21,49

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3 thoughts on “Globular Cluster NGC 5466”

  1. Dear Roberto,

    I’m very inspired by this sketch and my heart is bitting while seeing the cluster.
    Thanks for sharing your great sketch 🙂

  2. Hi Roberto,
    Impressive sketch! Look at the details in the center of the cluster. Beautifully sketched also, did you correct it digitally?
    Really beautiful, I like it a lot

  3. Stella thanks for your comments, inspires me to continue working in the sky, like other people do and share their work in this fantastic community.

    Erik, thanks for your comments, just scan some stars to make it look like the sketch, since the scan loses some definition and Gimp 2.8 give some intensity. The cluster is as it outlines the technique to do this with a 2H tortillions and soft graphite mark where I observe there is actually a star in the cluster, but make very soft, almost as if you were at the eyepiece.



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