Anaximander environs

Anaximander environs - December 14, 2013
Anaximander environs – December 14, 2013

Tonight, DEC, 14th, 2013. I could have a brief time for an observation/sketching on the nothern moon limb ,

the environs of the crater [ Carpenter, Anaximander, J . Herschel ] .

I have focused 8″ refractor at the curiously connected shadow casted by the splitted rim- walls of each of Anaximander,s and of J, Herschel, s .

Although, seeing was bad , I observed/ sketched this for 40-50 minutes.


8″ f12 a chinise made achromatic lens , x340

location; Backyard home in South. Korea

white paper [40 x30 cm] , graphite pencils , black ink

Date of observe/ sketch ; 12, 14, 2013

2 thoughts on “Anaximander environs”

  1. K.S.,

    A very fine sketch of a great view near the lunar limb.

    Frank 🙂

  2. KS,

    Enjoyed your lunar sketch very much. The light and dark areas are very striking.


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