The H-alpha Sun - May 9, 2014

Trying something New with the Sun

The H-alpha Sun - May 9, 2014
The H-alpha Sun – May 9, 2014
Non inverted colors on white paper.
Non inverted colors on white paper.


I was enjoying the Sun this morning and trying to decide how to represent the most prominent features. Sketching the Sun has just not gotten me the feeling that I can really represent it as well as I would like to as far as colorizing goes. I like using black paper but it isn’t smooth enough whereas plain white paper is. But when I have tried to add color later, it just loses what I see in the scope.

So today I tried a little something different. I like how some inverted blue colors really become the right colors for the Sun. So I put some oil pastel colors to paper & inverted to see what I could use. The nice thing about the oil pastel is I can scratch off small little lines to try to get the details of the solar surface. I had to think in negative to produce the sketch in order to preserve black, white and the different tones of red. This is my 1st attempt using this technique and I am not entirely happy with it but it is a bit of an experiment.

H-alpha Sun
60mm Lunt 88x
Oil Pastel, white permanent pen, white paper, Lyra polycolor pencils, a needle to scratch off the oil pastels to produce dark lines
Inverted with Photoscape software

Cindy (Thia) Krach
Maui. HI

4 thoughts on “Trying something New with the Sun”

  1. Hi Thia
    Very interesting and nice result for a first attempt!
    I like a lot the 3D effect you got with the scratchs. We feel the sun temperature looking at your sketch.

  2. Thanks Michel and Frank!

    Interestingly when I tried to reproduce my sketch with black paper and orange and red pastels, I had some difficulty. The lighter orange for the plages seems overwhelmed by the darker red beneath. The prominances also did not have the striking detail that the inverted technique produced.


  3. Cindy,

    That’s all part of the fun when trying something new 🙂

    Frank 🙂

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