Two thirds the age of the universe

M3 Globular cluster 

Drawing Globulars has always been a nerve-wrecking experience to me, so
many stars, all just lighting up for the split of a second in the corner
of your eye, what do you draw, what can you leave out, what the heck do
you really see?

The more delighting it is, when you suddenly realize, not only you
slowly get the hang of it, but the results are actually not even bad,
maybe even some of the better drawings in your whole catalog.
That’s exactly what happened with M 3, creating it was a pain, but the
result is highly presentable – at least that’s what I think!

The most fascinating thing about Globular Clusters is their age, they are
ancient, they’ve seen aeons on their way around the galactic center,
they’ve inhabitated this Galaxy ages before any human being has ever set
foot on this Earth, ages before Earth even existed. Reason enough to
catch a fleeting glimpse of those objects – measured by our lifespan,
not by theirs, they’re gonna be around long after the human race has
vanished again into the void.

Sebastian Lehner

Date: April 09, 2007
Location: Kegelhaus, Erbendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Instrument: Dobsonian 8″ f/6
Constellation: Canes venatici
Seeing: II of VI
Transparency: III of VI
NELM: 5m5
Magnificaton: 133x

One thought on “Two thirds the age of the universe”

  1. Sebastian,

    This is a very nice sketch of M-3. Globulars look like they would be easy to sketch. But as soon as you try, you realize how tough they are to do. You did a great job on this one.


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