Mars in Virgo

Mars in the constellation Virgo - April 18, 2014
Mars in the constellation Virgo – April 18, 2014

Hello my Friends ASOD, I observed a few days ago from the home to the neighboring planet, with good views, but with the pollution of the city there are no problems for red small. Continents showed well defined in my scope and feel free to make this sketch giving rise to the original on the right side shown in the image and colored on the other side giving a hue similar to that shown by the eyepiece, for further reducing the image and display framing the view. It was a nice domestic observation learning a little more about our sister planet perhaps.

Best Regards.

Object name: Mars
Object type: Planet
Location: Madrid ( Spain )
Date: 18 April 2014
Hour: 00:30 < 01:45
Media: graphite pencil, Tortillon, processed and inverted gimp 2.8
Optical equipment: Dobsonian telescope Meade Lightbridge 10'' F/5 Eye piece Ethos 8mm + Barlow 2x
Magnification 317x True field 0,3° web site

4 thoughts on “Mars in Virgo”

  1. Dale, Frank, thanks for your comment, it was somewhat complicated installation but finally got it.



  2. I like this planet !
    The first time I saw the details, as on your sketch, was only a few weeks ago, through a Delos 4.5mm eyepiece. Wonderful! Quite as impressive as my first time with Saturn.
    Really good observation you made Roberto, all your sketches are fine.
    I hope you will continue.
    Jean-Marc (FR)

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