Struve 919

Struve 919 Triple Star System
Struve 919 Triple Star System

multiple star
Reset. With digital Photoshop

Italy – Rome 04/11/2014

102 achromatic refractor

Stella multipla
Ripr. Digitale con Photoshop

Italia – Roma 11.04.2014

Rifrattore 102 acromatico

2 thoughts on “Struve 919”

  1. Roberto,

    A very fine capture of Beta Monocerotis or (Struve 918).
    A fine triple in the winter and early spring sky in the northern hemisphere.


  2. Really interesting, I do not know any triple star… I’ll try to catch it.
    Nice sketch, but weren’t there more stars in the field?
    Clear skies to you Roberto 🙂

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