Lunat crater Krieger-March 13, 2014

Mooncrate​r Krieger

Lunat crater Krieger-March 13, 2014
Lunar crater Krieger-March 13, 2014

Hello friends of the dark side,

Last week we´ve had some good conditions to observe the moon and his fantastic craters. Near the Schröter-Valley I enjoyed the sight of the crater Krieger.

I hope you like it too:

CS Uwe

Object: “Moon”

Object Name: “Crater Krieger”

Telescope: 10″ ACF

Magnification: 18mm Baader Genuine Orthos in Binocular 180x

Date: 13.March 2014

Location: near Tauberbischofsheim Germany

3 thoughts on “Mooncrate​r Krieger”

  1. Uwe,

    Yes, I like it. Focusing in on one crater gives the opportunity to do a fantastic job in a reasonable amount of time.

    Frank 🙂

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