A photogenic pair

Theophilus and Cyrillus at Sunrise 

Theophilus and Cyrillus at Sunrise

Sketched over a 1.5 hour period at the eyepiece on Sunday April 22,
2007.  (2:30 to 4:00  UT 23/04/2007)   More time spent afterwards
colouring in shadow regions etc.  Done with graphite pencils (4H to
4B),  black ink and whiteout on white paper.   Scope was Celestron
9.25,  binoviewer,  2x barlow,  and 24mm eyepieces.  Picture was
reversed left to right once scanned to give a upright and correct
left/right view.

At the public star party last month (March) with the moon at the same
phase, I used a similar scope setup trained on these same craters to
illicit some “oohs”  and “wows” from the crowd.   After spending most of
the time looking at these craters I realized that the pair was quite
‘photogenic’ and would make for a nice sketch.    This month,  they were
even more strategically placed to reveal the terrain.  The smaller
crater Madler was also quite interesting and included.    One thing that
made this sketch a bit out of the ordinary was the unusual interior to
Cyrillus which has some unusual landscapes near the border with
Theophilus.  The light and shadows between Theophilus and the terminator
was also unusual and complicated.  My first sketch in over a year; it
seems I’m slowing up.  Taking this much time to capture all the details
is not the best for accuracy on transient lighting on lunar features.

Gerry Smerchanski

4 thoughts on “A photogenic pair”

  1. Dear Gerry,

    I have enjoyed seeing this sketch very much along with your detailed text. Well done.


  2. It’s good to share sketches and stimulate discussion. One of the things that surprised me after finishing this sketch is that when I went looking for other sketches of this region I found out that several other people had been out sketching this same feature within hours of me doing my sketch! At the cloudy nights website the sketching forums have three other fine sketches of this same region. It’s fascinating to compare our different perspectives. see:


  3. Well it’s good to share our explorations and see what others are up to. After sketching this I went looking to see what other sketches of this region existed and found that at least three other people were sketching this region about the same time as I was doing my sketch. See Cloudy Nights sketching forums for the others. It’s interesting to see how others see the same thing you did.

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