Comets From Centuries Gone By


Encke’s Comet – 1828 (1), Halley’s Comet – 1835 (2), Biela’s Comet – 1846 (3), Great Comet of 1843 (4), Comet of 1744 (5)
Drawings by Struve (1), Bessel (2), Struve (3), and Cheseaux (5)

From A Treatise on Astronomy by Elias Loomis, LLD, 1868. Available at Google Books.

One thought on “Comets From Centuries Gone By”

  1. Thanks for posting these historical sketches–just seeing the names associated with these comets and drawings provides a strong link from the past to the present.

    Michael Rosolina
    Friars Hill, WV USA

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