NGC 1023 Group

NGC 1023 Group
NGC 1023 Group

Object Name: NGC 1023 Group

Object Cluster galaxies between Andromedae, Triangulum and Perseus

Location: Bonilla (Cuenca) – Spain. November 2. 2013 – Male 6.0

– Sketches made torchon with black and white pencil on paper and processed with GIMP.

– New 10” – 80x

Group NGC 1023 is a galaxy cluster late-type ( spiral and irregular ) that are around 10Mpac .

Just below the Milky Way and in one area, we x 10 º 10 º , which occupies part of the constellation Perseus , Andromeda and the Triangle found this cluster of galaxies .

Full members of the cluster :
– NGC 925 ( UGC dominates a subgroup with UGC 1865 and 1924)
– NGC 1023 ( is the principal of the whole cluster and leads another subgroup with NGC 891, NGC 949, NGC 1003, NGC 1058, UGC 2014 , UGC 2034 and UGC 2259 )
– NGC 746 and IC 239.

The amateur who has a tube 8” or 10” and a sky at least one stellar magnitude of 6, can see how little its four brightest members : NGC 1023, NGC 891, NGC 925 and NGC 1058.

Contemplation while these four galaxies of the same cluster and a similar distance , allow us to easily appreciate the different morphological characteristics and the actual importance of the size and mass of each .

Greetings to all visitors of this page.

Pedro Villamiel Gonzalez. Alcorcon, Madrid. November 03.2013

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  1. Good idea to mark the positions with just dots and draw the detail apart.
    Very nice sketching Pedro.
    Spain seems to have good seeing skies.
    Your “new” 10″ will make you happy, I know what it is…

    Keep it up !

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