First Drawing of Mars Opposition

Mars - February 5, 2014
Mars – February 5, 2014

* Object Type: planet
* Location: CASTRES (Tarn – France) 43° 36′ 19″ Nord2° 14′ 27″ Est
* Date: 5th February 2014 4hTU
* Media: pencil HB + 2B, white drawing paper, scanned + rescaled + colorized with PhotoPaint

Orientation: north is up
Conditions: 2°C, no wind. 70% humidity
– Dobson Pearl 203mm
– Eyepiece hypérion 5mm Mag 240X


After à rainy and mainly cloudy winter ( just some clear nights with poor seeing …) last sunday before the dawn I get some reasonably average condition to observe Mars and to try my first drawing of the 2014 opposition, inspite the small diamètre (10.9″)

Hope many others will follow Emoji and perhaps if best condition occurs with my 22″ dobson

Thanks for your interest.

Clear sky

Emmanuel Pélegrin
APAM astro club

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3 thoughts on “First Drawing of Mars Opposition”

  1. Très beau rendu Emmanuel.
    La tache claire en haut ne serait-elle pas la calote polaire ? Apparemment il y a des tempêtes sur Mars. Tu fais la météo pour Curiosity aussi ? … 🙂
    Bravo pour cette belle observation.

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