Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula
Rosette Nebula

Hello here is my submission. This painting started as a sketch. -Greg Wing

Object Name (Rosette Nebula & NGC 2244)
Object Type (Emission Nebula and Open Cluster in the Constellation Monoceros)
Location (Viewed from Landis Arboretum in Esperance, NY. Painting created in my art studio)
Date (January, 2013)
Media (graphite pencil sketch on canvas overlaid with oil paints)

For some time I was only able to observe the beautiful open cluster NGC 2244 which is centrally associated with the Rosette Nebula using my modified 10″ f/4.7 dob. Then using an OIII filter, there it was! This open cluster is so visually stunning that I wanted to preserve its beauty and rather than using a rosey color for painting the nebulosity, I was influenced by the so-called “Hubble Palette”. I try to accurately position the main stars.

My Astro Paintings convey my memory transformed, a mood, an experience that can be seen and renewed with subsequent viewings. Rather than a representation, the painting is an impressions of what I have seen with my telescope, read about and seen in images made with large telescopes. Painting in my studio after observing an object not only gives me something to do on all those cloudy nights, it helps me understand and experience the object further.

Greg Wing

5 thoughts on “Rosette Nebula”

  1. Aloha Greg,

    Your pictures are always an inspiration, nice to see them here. Beautiful colors and impression they leave.

    Cindy (Thia)

  2. Very nice ! Maybe it’s the tru color, who knows ? …
    I would be pleased to hang such a beautyful paint in my livingroom.

  3. In my life too…
    Nice sketch, good idea to compare with old sketch, it’s a good argument to promote sketching and archiving.

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