Galactic Queue

Markarian’s Chain

Markarian’s Chain
Sketch and Details by Ernest Shekolyan


Let me contribute to ASOD one of my pictures

That is Markarian`s chain as it was seen 9/10 apr. 2007 in eyepiece of my scope at village Shumba, 50 km from St.Petersburg, Russia. That was visual limit 6.2m.

10″ Starfinder, 24 mm UWA, 46x, FOV: 105 ang. minutes, graphite pencil, white paper, then photocopy + level correction, crop and inverting in ACDSee

Sincerely yours, Ernest Shekolyan

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  1. Ernest,

    Impressive sketch of Markarian’s Chain of galaxies. It is always fun to see clusters of galaxies in the eyepiece at the same time.


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