NGC5139, NGC104 and Messier 13

NGC5139, NGC104 and Messier 13

NGC5139, NGC104 and Messier 13
NGC5139, NGC104 and Messier 13


this is my first submission to the ASOD.

Object Name: NGC5139-NGC104-M13
Object Type: globular clusters
Location: Namibia
Date: August, 2nd 2013
Media: graphite pencil for the initial draft then scan and digital work for the final sketch.
Instrument: Home-made 14″ travel-scope, F/D 5, dobsonian. Eyepiece 20mm Plössl. Field 34′.
Observing conditions: Slight turbulence, good transparency, no light pollution.


Under the wonderful sky of Namibian desert, one of the dryest and darkest of the world, I’ve foolishly decided to draw the 3 big.
Scaring idea for a sketcher, as the globular clusters are known for being undrawable. Obviously the idea was not to spot each star, but only to make a rendering comparison of these 3 big, mainly interesting for northern observers who have not often the possibility to look at those famous southern globular clusters in Centauri and Tucanae constellations. With the same instrument, the same night and the same duration of the observation (half an hour each), Omega Centauri and 47 Tucanae are bright and deeply resolved, whereas the Herculis cluster looks like a fuzzy patch of light grains. Poor dethroned cluster!
Hope it tickles your traveller spirit!

I wish ASOD’s team a happy new year and clear skys!

Best regards.

Laurent THENARD.

5 thoughts on “NGC5139, NGC104 and Messier 13”

  1. Very beautiful globulars!! I never did a sketch of a globular, but if i get a telescope, it will be my first attempt. Thanks for sharing it! 😀

  2. Hello All,

    Thanks for your comments. I’m happy you like it.
    True it was a hard job…to design and build a travel scope in 6 months, especially for the trip to Namibia…for I had never done a dobson before. As well as preparing the safari for the whole familly in the same time. All weekends and vacation dedicated to this goal for 6 months. I’m glad and proud I did it.
    I picked up ideas for the construction throughout the web and bought parts coming from USA, England, France and Germany. Many thanks to the amateurs comunity which helped through internet.


  3. Bonjour Laurent,

    This is an excellent piece of work well done, you have made a very interesting comparison for us, what is our number 1 GC in the northern hemisphere looks rather puny when compared to its mighty southern brothers!
    I have dreamt for many years of travelling to Namibia to observe, you are a lucky fellow 🙂

    Dale UK

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