Bi-Polar Reflection Nebula in Orion

NGC 2163
NGC 2163

At last a chance has come over these holidays to do some observing. Top of my list is Wolfgang’s Webb Society object of the season , Bi-polar reflection nebula in Orion, NGC 2163, not even listed in the Keppler & Sanner bible!

In the last hour I picked the nebula up readily enough by star hoping to the target but had to keep the exposure time of the video camera shorter than usual due to the residual breeze. That said I’m pleased with the result, it is an interesting object and a first observation for me. Appearing as a bow tie N-S in position there are a couple of dark notches visible and a short dust lane in the lower lobe in my sketch. I hope other member get sketches and images too.

NGC 2163 - Observing form
NGC 2163 – Observing form

Happy New Year, Dale

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6 thoughts on “Bi-Polar Reflection Nebula in Orion”

  1. Hello Dale,

    An impressive capture of this reflection nebula and the fine dark regions associated.
    Don’t often see sketches of this fine target. Magnificent!

    Frank 🙂

  2. Dale,

    That’s a great and elusive target you got there. I could not find the object as ngc 2163 in the charts. Amazing dark notches and dust lanes!


  3. Thank you for your comments Leo, Orion is a very popular constellation for deep sky observers however it appears that this wonderful nebula is overlooked by most. I’m grateful for this opportunity to raise its profile a little.

    Dale UK 🙂

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