Mount Leibnitz and Environs

Mount Leibnitz and Environs
Mount Leibnitz and Environs

Hello artists,we come in New Year,i hope good Year for all.
I sent one of my last Moon Sketch,made with my dobson 10″ and 12,4 mm
Erfle plus Barlow.
I hope to made in future other sketches with this technics.Frank Mc Cabe
is the Master of this.
I hope like you.
Auguri a tutti di un Bello e Limpido 2014!!!

Site: Pergola,Center Italy,behind my home.
Date: 24 September 2013.
Moon phase: Down (19,6 days)
Instrument: Dobson Gso 10″
Eyepiece: 12,4mm erfle plus Barlow(201,6 x)
Seeing: Good
Zone: Mount Leibnitz ( 8.000 meter of altitude).
Media: White pencil on black paper.

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  1. Giorgio,

    That is a stunning sketch my friend. You have beautifully and accurately captured the Moonscape view. Wonderful.

    Frank 🙂

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