Langrenus and Vendelinus Craters

Langrenus and Vendelinus Sunset Approaches

Langrenus and Vendelinus Craters
Langrenus and Vendelinus Craters

This evening presented the rare, clear sky that we always look forward to enjoying. Early on some deep sky treasures presented themselves at the eyepiece but before long the Moon was up and deep sky targets became washed out. Now my attention and telescope turned toward old luna with the Moon just past full by 2.5 days. My eye ran along the terminator and the famous “four in a row” which rest upon the 61° E longitude line. All four were standing at the edge. I skipped over craters Furnerius and Petavius this time and went north to Vendelinus (147 km.) and Langrenus (133 km.) as they were the easier two sketching targets. As I sketched the younger crater Langrenus, all that was visible from the floor were the tips of the two tallest central peaks pushing up to catch the last of the sunlight. North and west of Langrenus on the eastern edge of Mare Fecunditatis, the trio of Atwood (30 km.), Naonobu (35 km.) and Bilharz (43 km.) were easily seen and parts of the ray system extending from Langrenus was detectable even at this time of low illumination. To the south and straddled by Lohse (41 km.) and Holden (48 km.), Vendelinus was showing its best look for an old shattered crater. Parts of the shallow floor were illuminated by grazing light and presenting a fine view.
For this sketch I used: black Strathmore 400 Artagain paper, 8”x 10”, white and black Conte’pastel pencils, white pearl eraser and blending stumps.
Telescope: 10 inch f/5.7 Dobsonian and 6mm eyepiece 241x
Date: 07-25-2013 04:15-06:00 UT
Temperature: 20°C (68°F)
Clear, calm
Seeing: Antoniadi III
Co longitude: 115.0°
Lunation: 16.7 days
Illumination: 93.0 %
Phase: 329.4°
Frank McCabe

12 thoughts on “Langrenus and Vendelinus Sunset Approaches”

  1. Wow! Your first sketch of New year!!Compliment Frank,wonderful work.
    I made only one sketch of Io transit over Jupiter. I want to made a new Moon sketches…..
    Bravissimo Frank!
    Buon Anno a te and family!

  2. Frank, your lunar sketches are awesome like many peers, with a very real picture. Someday will have to meet these comings and create a good book to others who do not have much ability mole.



  3. Frank,

    Your details always make my eyes want to stay put. A beautiful work of art and detail. Your written descriptions also a treat. Happy 2014!


  4. Frank, another incredible sketch! You do such a wonderful job of bringing out the shadows, details and nuances in our nearest celestial neighbor.


  5. spectacular as your usual Frank….
    With all those details seem to be a few meters from the Moon
    Greetings and congratulations

  6. Hi Frank,

    fantastic sketch of moon. Very good news in 2014!!! 😉
    So go on and show us more of your Talent.

    Best wishes from Germany.


  7. Dale, Giorgio, Roberto, Rodrigo, Aguss, Cindy, Sergio, John, Michel, Roberto and Uwe,

    Thank you all for such kind and encouraging words;the best to all of you in 2014.

    Frank 🙂

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