Venus - November 30, 2013

Daytime Crescent of Venus

Venus - November 30, 2013
Venus – November 30, 2013

Object: Venus
Type: Planet
Location: San Salvador, El Salvador 89° 13′ W 13°43′ N
Date: November 30th 2013
Media: Adobe Ideas for iOS on iPhone

I decided to look up Venus while there was daylight, as I hoped that the atmosphere would act as a filter for the constant glare I’d always observed when I pointed my binoculars to Venus. It was as I expected! Venus showed its current phase clearly, albeit in a minute form: I even think the FOV in my sketch is exaggerated a little bit. The inset image shows a “close-up” about how I distinguished the planet’s image; I tried to represent the glare Venus’s brightness created on my optics.

3 thoughts on “Daytime Crescent of Venus”

  1. Thanks for the “nudge” on this Alberto… I went out right at sunset before I could find the planet naked eye. The crescent was easy in 7×35’s and 11×80’s, best in a 20×50 monocular, and still detectable in an old galilean 4×55 field glass. 🙂

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