Messier 76

The Little Dumbbell in Perseus

Messier 76
Messier 76

M76 -Little Dumbbell

Object Type: Planetary Nebula

Location: Tarragona – Spain

M76 is a planetary nebula really awesome observed from a dark skies and with a good telescope aperture. Two distinct sections, one brilliant and compact, the other more extensive and diffuse. A very attractive nebula to be seen on a dark night and away from any light pollution.

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Date and Time: 2013-10-31, 23h 36m UT

Telescope: SC Celestron 9.25″ (235mm)

Eyepiece: 10mm (235x)

White paper, HB2 graphite pencil, and scanned and inverted with Photoshop

Seeing: 4/5 (5 the best)

Transparency: Clear. Rural Skies.

Location Constellation: Perseus

Position: R.A. 01h 42m

Dec. +51° 34′

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