California Nebula

NGC 1499 (California Nebula)
NGC 1499 (California Nebula)

Hi! Asod, few days ago I saw the nebula California, was very curious to know if I could capture something visual light as they claim is faint. With my little scope locate ξ (xi) menkib, but looking even more side vision was getting nowhere, I knew I needed to filter, but had to try. By putting the filter magically appears, still not something brilliant, but do not strain your eyes because it is obvious that this is no, there is a dark area that crosses na nebula, but with side vision greatly improves contrast. The truth that I could not resist doing a sketch but as always with a very dim light, if you can not have problems adjusting to the darkness.
You only need a dark sky, wide field and nebular filter.


Object name: NGC 1499 California
Object type: Emission nebula
Location: Bonilla Cuenca ( spain )
Date: 1 November 2013
Hour: 00:00 < 00:40
Media: graphite pencil, processed and inverted gimp 2.8
Optical equipment: Refractor Tele Vue 101 F / 5,4 Genesis SDF Eye piece ES 30mm
Magnification 18x True field 4,5°

Sky conditions: Stable sky, clouds on the horizon. Nelm 6,2 Temperature -0,6°C Relative humidity 67%
Borthle scale 3/9

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  1. Thanks Diego, for your comments.
    My apologies sent the wrong sketch, had prepared one with smaller size and English-language writing.


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