Watercolor Prom

Solar Prominence - April 22, 2012
Solar Prominence – April 22, 2012

Object Name (Sun)
Location (Rocbaron – Var in Provence)
Date (April 22 2012 16h12 local time)
Media (white paper, emerald green watercolour, inverted scanning.)

Hello artists

Just a few hours after the great sketch of Stratos Tsanaktsidis, I had the opportunity to draw this one. I use a common H alpha PST Coronado.

My technique is quite original, after a light circle portion made by a graphite pencil on white paper I use directly a pure watercolour “green emerald” to sketch the solar surface on a water base and then the protuberances on the dry part of the sky, taking into account that light green will become dark red and vice-versa. Then I just have to invert the colours after scanning. The white sky is becoming black while the green part is becoming “H alpha red”.

Right, I add the approximate dimension of the earth and the moon orbit.

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck


3 thoughts on “Watercolor Prom”

  1. Michel,

    This is a very fine sketch. I really like the scale showing the height of that prom. Excellent as always.

    Frank 🙂

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