Saturn - May 1, 2012

Looking Back at Saturn 2012

Saturn - May 1, 2012
Saturn – May 1, 2012

Hi, I send my sketch of Saturn. The Saturn is my favorite of the planets. I live in Psary in Poland. The sketch I did on the night of 30 April to 01 May. I had a very good view of the scale of 8/10. Saturn showed a lot of detail. You could see the famous Cassini gap. The atmosphere was very calm and did not cause degradation of the image of this interesting planet.
I was using 200x magnification. My telescope is a Newton 200/1200. I used a pencil to sketch 2B and white paper. Using GIMP I added a black background, which gives a realistic picture of Saturn with a telescope. GREETS 🙂

Date 01 May 2012

Seeing 8/10

Power 200x

Telescope: Newton Dobson 200/1200

Eypiece: PL vixen6mm

Media: White paper and pencil 2B

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