Marathon Moon

Marathon Moon

Hello, I’m newbie on ASOD!

I want to submit one of my drawings (1. Novembre. 2007)
Transparency: average
Seeing: very good (8/10, and it’s wonderful in Hungary…)
I used 8″ Newtonian telescope with 30mm and 10mm superplössl with 2.5x barlow and 1B-6B black pencils on white paper and made the final drawing in 15 hours. The sketch was made quickly as possible with ~80x and after that, I used 250x to terminator regions in 3.5 hours. (So, the migration of terminator is discoverable on the drawing, but – i think – unobtrusive. The full size of the drawing is A2.

Best regards:
Szabolcs Velkei

5 thoughts on “Marathon Moon”

  1. Szabolcs,

    All I can say is WOW! That is some Herculean effort. Most impressive.


  2. A fine drawing! I have done some first and last quarter drawings of the Moon : very very difficult and time consuming. Thank you for sharing.

    Jacques Thibault

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