Messier 42 and 43

Orion Nebula from the Black Forest

Messier 42 and 43
Messier 42 and 43


This is my sketch of the orion nebula, drawn on September, 5th 2013, 4:30h at Kaltenbronn Hohloh, black forest, germany, at 998m with my 18″ Dobson Telescope at 135x using an UHC filter.
Height: 18 degrees over Horizon

Drawn with pencil on white paper, scanned, inverted, and processed to remove “dust-stars” from scanning, darkened, and used the smudge tool to recreate the filaments in the nebula.

Kind regards,

Arndt Schädler

3 thoughts on “Orion Nebula from the Black Forest”

  1. Nice sketch, specially because the target was only 18° above horizon. It looks very tridimensional, good job.
    With such a big scope, do you see it in which colors?
    I see it green with a 7.1″.

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