Plato, Archimedes and Environs

Plato, Archimedes and Environs
Plato, Archimedes and Environs

Plato and Archimedes craters
Lunar craters
Eastbourne, UK
28th Aug 2013, 01:15 – 03:15 UT. Temperature 12C
Meade LX90 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with 26mm super Plossl eyepiece, 77x
White and black pastel on Daler Rowney Canford black paper

As a little summer holiday project I made a pledge to myself to sketch lunar craters at every opportunity, casually assuming that the usual poor British summer weather would make this an easy commitment to keep. However, I have been kept busy over the last couple of weeks!

I have been inspired by the quality of the sketches on your website and as you can see I am still some way off those standards; however, I am pleased to see (I think) some improvement in my efforts. I sketched this at the eyepiece using the pastels and just my finger as a blending tool.

Yours faithfully,

Oli Froom

4 thoughts on “Plato, Archimedes and Environs”

  1. Oli,

    That is a very fine looking sketch of our neighbor in space.
    I’d say you got it mastered.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Hello Oli,

    That is a very nice piece of work, at first glance my brain told me it was one of Frank’s, I looked for his name and found yours! Your styles are rather similar, Frank is a master so I guess that you are too 🙂

    I look forward to seeing more of your renditions here.

    Well done, Dale UK

  3. Hi Dale,

    Thank you for such a positive comment. For my work to be compared in any way to Frank’s is high praise indeed 😀 I will keep going with the sketches, weather permitting!

    Oli 🙂

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